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Thursday, 7 February 2019

New Year’s News Blog

Just to quickly introduce myself, I’m Gareth – lifelong plant geek and horticulturalist, horse lover, forager, and food obsessive, who has worked at various wholesale nurseries, garden design companies, and landscape and maintenance companies spanning about 20 years overall – and I’ve recently joined Town and Country Gardens. I’m be busy blogging and firing off monthly newsletters, as well as plenty of action on Facebook and Instagram – so please do keep an eye out for this. I’ll also be helping Andrew keeping up with the Spring/Summer-rush, so hopefully I’ll be getting to meet some of you – our valued long term regular clients, and also the hopefully-soon-to-be-new-regular-clients.

Is it too late in the year now to wish everybody a happy New Year? I suspect so – we are, after all, now well into February and just on the cusp of the most exciting season of the year, Spring!

I will be emailing our regular clients very soon to invite you to sign up to our monthly newsletter, but in case this slips through the net, or you’d rather beat me to the post, then do please click the link below to sign up to this newsletter. Promise not to pester or bombard you, it will just be a monthly newsletter with various seasonal updates and news, with some focus on our latest projects, maybe the odd promotion on various maintenance works or services, seasonal updates, all sorts really.

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It’s been a particularly long and hard Winter all over the country, hard frosts all ‘round, even here in London where we enjoy a more sheltered microclimate. But, some of the benefits of a ‘hard Winter’ will be felt and appreciated very soon in your gardens.

Firstly, we need sub zero temperatures to wipe out various populations of pests and fungal problems – it kind of just resets the clock, and stops various populations of verminous insects from over-Wintering and then overwhelming our gardens the following year. Another benefit is something really quite interesting (‘interesting’ might seem like a bit of a stretch, but to a life-long plant geek I had to hold back on the use of ‘fascinating’) – vernalisation. This magical term refers to the need of certain plants to have this cold snap in order to produce flowers. So, with a long cold Winter there will be a lot of plants, particularly fruiting plants, that are able to give a much better floral show – so there’s always a silver lining! One thing that’s guaranteed to benefit hugely from this is the apple harvest – these respond massively well to Winter vernalisation, and it’s not too late to plant fruit trees, in fact it’s the perfect time of year for planting them.

We shall be busy all over London for these next few months, carrying out regular maintenance visits and doing garden maintenance in new London gardens, but we still have plenty of time available to book in planting jobs – whether in South London or North London, we have available slots for garden landscaping, garden design and garden maintenance work. So, if you’d like to invest ahead of the distribution of shares in the apple market, then please get in touch – we’d be happy to quote on sourcing, supplying and planting a little cluster of fruit trees, or a veritable orchard of the things, just get in touch! We still have another month or so for planting bare-root fruit trees, or any kind of bare-root trees, and rootballed hedging – and we have the same spirit as Ella Fitzgerald on this one, ‘Nice Work If Can Get it’… as it’s always a pleasure to bring a bit more planting to somebody’s garden – the more, the merrier!

I’ll keep these blog posts coming each week, so do please keep an eye out for them. That’s it from me, hope you all have a great weekend!

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