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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Details about our services

There are so many aspects to gardening that it’s impossible to list them all. Every garden is unique and requires a different combination of tasks to keep it up to standard.

Town and Country Gardens are willing to take on any type of garden maintenance. In Wimbledon, where we are based, we have a fleet of vehicles and a dedicated team. We are a small company with a strong work ethic and can offer you a free, no-obligation quote. Some of our services are detailed below but the full list is extensive. It is best to talk to us and we will talk to you about how our skills can match your requirements.

Lawn maintenance

A well-maintained lawn can give you a feeling of serenity and pride, as well as a place to relax. It takes up a lot of time though, and getting the balance of hard work versus reward just right is tricky. We can help out with this when you engage Town and Country Gardens for your garden maintenance in Wimbledon.

We either take over the work you have already been doing or, if your lawn has seen better days, we take on the task of

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Landscaping in detail – what we can do

Contact us at Town and Country Gardens to get a free, no-obligation quote for landscape gardening in Richmond. We offer you a vision for your garden that meets your needs, whether you want something stunning, space that is more low-maintenance, raised beds or any one of the many options we can discuss with you.

Refining and highlighting details

Landscaping can mean focusing on small parts of your garden.

We can help the odd corner you don’t know what to do with blend in with your space or create and highlight a water feature. If you want us to undertake a smaller, detail-orientated project, we are happy to help. We ensure that any adjustments are sensitive to the look you already have and even enhance it.

Complete redesign

At the other end of the spectrum, we offer a complete redesign. Town and Country Gardens can put you in touch with a designer who helps you make a plan for landscape gardening in Richmond.

Once there is a vision in place, we give you a full schedule of works and a quote. We refine the details together and commence work when it suits you. Starting a project like this is an

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Making your life easy with Town and Country Gardens

It’s a busy world out there and there are plenty of life experiences to get in each day. Paying attention to your garden may seem like a luxury you cannot afford financially or timewise. However, when you talk to us at Town and Country Gardens, we can show you the value of our services and of creating and maintaining a beautiful outside space.

We offer garden maintenance and landscape gardening in Chiswick, Wimbledon, Richmond, Balham and the surrounding areas. Our free, no-obligation quote for any of our services means you get the chance to consider before going ahead.

Crafting a vision

Town and Country Gardens helps you to get excited about your outdoor space again. Enjoy the benefits without the work involved with our garden maintenance or create a whole new vision with our landscape gardening services.

Gardens are about more than grass and plants. They can offer you a space to entertain, a place for the children to play, relaxation after a long day at work or fresh fruit and vegetables for good health and tasty meals. We think the lifestyle value is priceless and, once we have completed your project or laid out a schedule of maintenance, we

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The potential of your garden

Your garden is an extension of your living space. It is the bridge between your home and the outdoor world, where you can enjoy the day while still maintaining your privacy. Gardens come in many different shapes and sizes.

At Town and Country Gardens, we help you realise the potential of whatever space you have, whether that’s a rooftop terrace, a sunken patio or rolling swathes of lawn and borders. We are willing to quote for any type and size when you book garden maintenance in Chiswick with us.

Creating great memories

Humans have the ability to emotionally respond to the spaces we inhabit. Once we realise this, the next step is crafting that response by caring for the areas around us. If you have a garden that is suffering from a bit of neglect, it preys on your mind every time you glance out of the window. Conversely, if you book Town and Country Gardens for your garden maintenance in Chiswick, we will keep your garden space looking beautiful and ready for you to create great memories within it.

Let us do the hard work

Gardening is like tidying up outdoors except that, no matter what, it will

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Thanks, Ben

Trying to get in touch with us? Please call the mobile 07710 385 366 or email me, there’s no such thing as a silly question.
Thanks, Ben

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