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Just a few links to people we think are pretty darn good at what they do.
The world’s best interior designer. Also my wife. What can I say?
Adolfo is a great designer with a strong sustainability ethic.
Lucy is a great designer and gardener who we think is great!  We love The Rose pub, great food and drink (and a fantastic garden!) You can experience the brilliance of Misha Haller by looking at our gallery as he has taken most of these on behalf of Adolfo Harrison.

During 2015, I appointed Town and Country Gardens to pave the courtyard at the rear of my property. The design input and project management made the process effortless. The delivery was first class-the team took real care and pride in the project. Furthermore the pricing was competitive. I highly recommend them.

The Town and Country Garden team were hard working, courteous and professional. They did a great job and we are very pleased with the results.

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